"I am in love with cats, so I tried to throw my cat a birthday party this year but my parents wouldn’t let me have any other cats over."

"No one knows how big singing is for me - some people hear me sing in the car faintly but I don't sing loud in front of other people."

In an effort to sort through my own high school experience as a cheerleader - I returned to my hometown, and created The Spirit Squad with the current high school cheer team. With The Spirit Squad, I offer a different perspective of what it looks like to be a high school cheerleader among a sea of sexualized movies and images of high school girls. I want to celebrate that young women don’t have to subscribe to whatever box they feel they’ve been placed in. Clothing takes center stage, as it was an outlet for me to express exactly who I was without having to answer to any boxes. I had each girl tell me a secret no one else on the squad knew about, which are the quoted passages that accompany many images (secrets don't coincide to the girl pictured). I wanted to assert the right for young girls to be complex.

"No one knows I love Star Wars."

"No one knows how interesting I find recycling and green alternatives."

"No one knows I do calligraphy when I'm bored."

"No one knows I think skateboarders are really cool - I'm really bad but I think they look cool."

"No one knows I can quote that spongebob movie from start to finish."

"No one knows I wish I grew up in the 90s."

"No one knows how much I love music and finding new songs to listen to." 

"No one knows I wish I grew up in France."

"No one knows I know every sound any Disney soundtrack."

"No one knows I think Rocky is really amazing."

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